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I am giving the entire sequence of Yogini dasha ; name of the dasha, duration of the dasha, lord of the dasha , and the nakshatra which will give the dasha. How is this applicable to nakshatra no. A number cannot be divisible by a number greater than it. Hence this confusion. I have read somehere i think in some Havan manual that 36 are major one, but it could be incorrect.

But Siddis power which comes from knowledge are only eight and Nidhis are nine in number, Nidhis means wealth can say divine wealth or power which comes from wealth. The logic for number of years for the Yoginis was just a wild guess. After 36 nakshtra padas their is junction in the chart called Gandhant point.

This is also known are the concept of trines where Guna changes sattwic, rajasic and tamasic Since their is tattwa conflict between nakshatra in Gandhant so these point are very sensitive. In Yogini dasa in the 2nd cycles, dasa will repeat but their results will be not same, due to rotation of the chart based on nakshatra and above concept. I am sorry i am not good at explaining, but i have tried to convey some. Best Wishes, Vijay Goel Jyotishi. Kindly write a note on aspects used in jaimani system. I have heard that they are somewhat akin to lalkitab system. Posted February 2, The following three cycles are good guide; 1.

About aspects, kindly shed the idea Parasara or Gemini aspects 1.

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When one considers Bhava or sign dasa system, sign aspects are more applicable. These dasa indicate the resource available at a particular point of time. When Nakshatra or planetary dasa are adopted, then planetary aspects are applied. In transits bhava aspects are more useful. This is the reason that in Varsha and Prasana kundly these aspects are predominantly applicable.

In Lalkitab , Kala pursh chakra is applied ,as such the aspect requirement is slightly different. Posted February 3, I know bout Siddhi, exclding Nava Nidhi. Bhaagvat Puraan, Skandh 11, describes 18 types of Siddhi among which 8 types of Siddhi are with Bhagavaan only.

If He gives them to anybody, He gives them only partially. Others are not so important, that is why when one talks, he talks only about 8 Siddhi.

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Yogini Dasa

Posted March 20, The flowing three cycles are good guide; 1. About aspects, kindly shed the idea Parasari or Gemini aspects 1. When one considers bhava or sign dasa system , sign aspects are more applicable. These dasa indicate the resources available at a particular point of time. You can CHAT without downloading messenger. Click here. Your content will need to be approved by a moderator. You are commenting as a guest.

It has astronomy as its base. For preparing a comprehe What is Panchang? Vedic Astrology divides time into five fundamental parts together called the Pa What is Ephemeris An Ephemeris is table of values which gives the information about the position The month of July is showing significant changes in transit. Rahu shall enter into Virgo on 13th J If you get a good wife, you will become happy; if you get a bad one, you There are some strange maxims Slokas related with transit of Jupiter in Cancer rashi.

As per t There are 16 Vargas sub divisions of ascendant and planets in Vedic astrology, to pin point an God has produced a galaxy of eminent Astronomers and Astrologers around the world. Our ancient histo The roots of Indian Astrology can be traced back to the dawn of history.

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