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A cross on above line represents the bad ending of love relation.

Love And Romance

Single cross at Venus mount and double branch of heart line towards Jupiter mount and fate line ends at heart line represents single love relation and successful love towards marriage. Three stars at Venus mount near lifeline and the headline coming towards Venus mount represents that love relationship is good in starting but the end is not good.

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It represents unstable love relation. A Fate line ends before heart line and fate line is not straight means trouble in live relations. If the heart line splits at the end and one part goes towards Saturn and another towards Jupiter so that is an indication of marriage. To lead a happy married life this line needs to be clean.

Chinese Palm Reading - Marriage, Love and Relationship

In Astrology Venus is the significator of marriage. On Venus mount some upwards line can be seen up heading towards fingers. These Influence lines also give indications of Marriage. If any branch small or fine line originates from influence line and meets the Head line or Heart line, and if the marriage line on Mercury mount is also indicating at the same age so this will indicate a marriage.

If any small line originates from the inner side of life line on Mars or Venus Mount and the same age is indicating the affection line on Mercury mount so the marriage is definite.

love in the palm of your hand: palmistry basics

It is the very clear indication of Marriage. In conclusion I want to add a very important point, that is — you may not find all indications at a time on a palm what I have mentioned above, it is very rare also to find all of those on one palm. Secondly, both hands should be judged properly.

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