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The tradition had already broken down in many other levels as well, but this comment is already getting very, very long. Of course, tradition in this sense has been broken for a long, long time, certainly in the West, and probably in the East as well, to a lesser extent. In the West, it seems to have been broken as far back as we have written history.

It is what it is, and we and our clients are living in the world we are living in.

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Few if any of us really have a true authority we can turn to in the sense that I am describing, so we really do need a lot more guidance and help if we are trying to make decisions in our lives. Oh dear, I just realized looking at this comment again, I went off on a bit of a soapbox. I am sorry about that. I hope I did not sound too argumentative; that really was not my intent.

I really did like your article a lot, and it has given me a lot to think about. Feel free to talk with me in the way you want. I have not replied because it deserved a long answer, kind of a new article;-. Oh, how exciting. I look forward to another article. My Piscean parts read what I wrote and thought, oh gosh, that sounded a bit, well, not Piscean…heee.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Malebranche was strongly influenced by Descartes but did not accept his philosophy uncritically. He is noted particularly for his view that we see all things in God and for his adoption of psycho-physical parallelism and 'occasionalism' to deal with the problem of interaction between mind and body. However, his attribution of epistemological and explanatory primacy to God leads to difficulties. We can appeal to clear and distinct ideas as a criterion for the veridicality of judgements about physical things, but it is God who is ultimately responsible for our ideas.

Malebranche's view that we have freedom to choose but only in relation to finite goods is not convincing, denying as it does the possibility of resistance of movement towards God as the universal good. This may be a misrepresentation of Malebranche's view; see the first chapter of The Search for Truth , where he specifies that while we cannot but desire the good in general, we are free to apply that love to particulars, and can do so in a disordered fashion that leads to sin. His account is no different from St. Augustine's in this regard.

But, as in mediaeval philosophy, this gives rise to the problem of reconciling God's freedom with His supposed immutability. Malebranche's theodicy is his solution to the problem of evil. Although he conceded that God had the power to create a more perfect world, free from all defects, such a world would have necessitated a greater complexity in divine ways. Thus, God produces the natural evils that follow from simple laws not because he wills those particular effects, but because he wills a world that best reflects his wisdom by achieving the best possible balance between the intrinsic perfection of the work and the simplicity and generality of its laws.

Whereas Malebranche followed Augustine in his description of intellectual knowledge , in his approach to mind-body problems he began as a follower of Descartes. But in contrast to Descartes, who considered it possible to form a clear and distinct idea of the mind, Malebranche argues in the Dialogues on Metaphysics , a dialogue between Theodore and Aristes, that we do not have a complete conception of the powers of the mind, and thus no clear conception of the nature of the mind. I am unable, when I turn to myself, to recognize any of my faculties or my capacities.

The inner sensation which I have of myself informs me that I am, that I think, that I will , that I have sensory awareness , that I suffer , and so on; but it provides me with no knowledge whatever of what I am - of the nature of my thought , my sensations, my passions , or my pain - or the mutual relations that obtain between all these things [ This leads Theodore to declare that 'I am not my own light to myself'; the nature of our own minds is highly obscure.

What is more, with regard to psycho-physical interaction, Malebranche argues that body could not act on mind, nor mind on body. The only active power hence the only efficient cause of change in the world is God. When I will that my arm should rise, my volition is the "occasion" or the "occasional cause" of the movement of my arm; the efficient cause of both my volition and the movement of my arm is God. Malebranche's doctrine, which could be found in contemporary commentaries on Aristotle, and which first appeared in certain Arab philosophers, is therefore called "occasionalism".

In general, occasionalism is the view that there are no efficient causes in the full sense other than God. Created things are at best "occasions" for divine activity. Bodies and minds act neither on themselves nor on each other; God alone brings about all the phenomena of nature and the mind. Changes occurring in created things will exhibit regularities and will thus satisfy a Humean definition of causation because God in creating the world, observes what Malebranche calls "order": he binds himself to act according to laws of nature chosen in accordance with his general will that the world be as good as possible, and thus for example that the laws be simple and few in number.

In particular, there will be laws governing what we would customarily call the "interaction" of body and mind, so that similar movements in the body will "occasion" similar ideas in the mind. That relation has some features of the causal relation it satisfies, for example, universal conditionals of the form "Whenever C occurs, E occurs". But in reality both the idea in the mind and the movement in the body are caused by God. Although better known for his philosophical work, Malebranche made some notable contributions to physics , working within a broadly Cartesian framework but nevertheless prepared to depart from Descartes where necessary.

His theory was presented as a corrective to Descartes' view, rather than a refutation thereof, but it has important parallels with the rival optical theory of Isaac Newton.

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Newton had already developed his position some thirty years earlier, but Malebranche probably would not have been aware of it until it was finally published in the Opticks of , or, more likely, in its Latin translation of When Malebranche revised his paper for inclusion as the Sixteenth Elucidation of the edition of The Search After Truth , he inserted a number of references to "Newton's excellent work".

In addition, Malebranche wrote on the laws of motion , a topic he discussed extensively with Leibniz. He also wrote on mathematics and, although he made no major mathematical discoveries of his own, he was instrumental in introducing and disseminating the contributions of Descartes and Leibniz in France. Malebranche also developed an original theory related to preformationism , postulating that each embryo probably contained even smaller embryos ad infinitum , like an idealized Matryoshka doll.

According to Malebranche, "an infinite series of plants and animals were contained within the seed or the egg, but only naturalists with sufficient skill and experience could detect their presence. Aside, perhaps, from John Norris who, in any case, drew at least as much from Malebranche's own sources, primarily Saint Augustine, as he did from Malebranche himself , there are few if any philosophers who can be considered faithful followers of Malebranche in all matters. He was, however, held in widespread high regard within his own lifetime and for some time afterwards, and the influence of certain of his ideas can be discerned in the works of several important figures.

Pierre Bayle regarded Malebranche as "one of the greatest philosophers of this age" though, admittedly, not as the greatest, as is often reported. Occasionalism and the vision in God seem to make the real existence of material substance redundant. Not only is it unable to be directly perceived, but it cannot actually affect us or anything else in any way at all. Descartes had also maintained that matter was not directly perceivable, but he had argued that the veracity of God could support a proof of its certain existence.

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Malebranche, however, weakened Descartes' argument, concluding that, from a philosophical point of view, its existence could only be shown to be probable. Bayle pushed even further down this same path, thereby laying much of the ground work for the immaterialism of George Berkeley. Berkeley, influenced both by Bayle and directly by Malebranche himself, simply took the final step to a full denial of the existence of material substance.

Arthur Collier , who was also influenced directly by Malebranche, and by Norris, made the same move at around the same time as Berkeley did, but, it would appear, entirely independently of him. Berkeley, admittedly, did reject the theory of vision in God. In addition, Berkeley agreed with Malebranche, against Descartes , that we could not achieve a clear idea of the mind itself.

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